What is Bluestone
New York  Bluestone is a unique sand stone found  in
the Leatherstocking Region of New York, between the
Catskill and Adirondack Mountains. New York
Bluestone derives its name from its typically blue color,
but comes in Blues, Browns, Greens, and Lilacs.

It is marketed in two types:  dimensional (architectural
grade) used for stair steps, window and door fixtures,  
countertops, and tabletops, and  flagstone, which is
used for walkways and patios.   As sediments fossilized
into rock, minerals carried by groundwater through
rock deposits created other colors, including: blue,
green, earthtone,   and lilac or a combination of these
shades. New York Lilac Bluestone is a strong, stable
stone that resists cracking and won’t discolor.  

New York Lilac Bluestone is highly prized as a building
material and for adding architectural details because it
can be easily separated into slabs of desired size.
New York and Pennsylvania
Bluestone Associations